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RENZ DTP 340MPunch hole patterns.
RENZ S700 and S900

RENZ SPB 360 and SPB 360  Comfort
330 Electric Punch

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330 Electric Punch:

The 330 Electric Table-top Punch is ideal for the low to mid-range volume workload. The punch die is easily accessed for quick pin removal. Low maintenance. A very solid table-top machine.

  • 30 sheets per lift.
  • Max. Punch Width - 13".
  • Opened ended to allow for double punching of longer formats.
  • Vertical Paper Insertion.
  • Interchangeable Dies.
  • Oval (Double-D) hole for plastic spiral readily available.
  • Wide choice of punch patterns.
  • Dies can be sharpened.
  • Easy Access Pin Removal.
  • Foot Pedal Operated.
  • 16"W x 20"D x 12"H, 126lbs.
330 electric punch with one die, $ 4500.00
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330 electric punch.

RENZ DTP 340M punch:

High performance electric tabletop machine The fast setup and high output of the DTP 340 deliver the performance necessary for today's short-run environment.

  • Effortless punches up to 20,000 sheets per hour (70/80 gr/m).

  • One of the largest motors in it's class.

  • Drive system saves energy - motor only runs when the foot switch is pressed.

  • Open-ended dies allow punching width up to 2 x 13" [34 cm] by punching twice.

  • Variable margin setting.

  • Large waste drawer.

  • Punching dies have selectable punching pins for fast format adjustment. Staggered punching pins for easy use and long lifeChanges dies in less than 1 minutes without tools.

  • Dies available for:  Wire binding.  Plastic comb binding.  Spiral binding - round or oval holes.

  • Maximum punching width: 13.4" [34 cm)

  • Technical Data: Length: 14.25", Width: 19.38", Height: 9.8", Weight: 88 lbs.

  • Motor: 110 V / 60 Hz [230 V / 50 Hz], 250W.

RENZ DTP 340M electric punch with one die, $ 4,241.00
Additional dies, $ 750-1,550.00 each
WBS 340, $398.00        
CBS 340 (with cut and crimp), $ 1,555.00
PBS 340, $ 419.00
Holding Device, $48.00
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DTP 340 M

340M with Coil Cut and Spiral Inserter.Modular Coil Cut.Modular Roller.

340 M with Wire Closer.Modular Wire Closer.

Modular Comb Inserter.Modular Paper Holder.

RENZ DTPA Semi-Automatic Punch.

This machine will increase your punching speed.

Separating the sheets is the most expensive part a fully automatic machine. The operator separate the sheets which makes the process simple and economical. The layout of machine minimizes motion and encourages accurate punching. A paper holder mounts to the front of the machine in order to stage the paper in the correct position for maximum output.
A manual mode is provided for sheets that require manual punching without the need for a second machine.

  • Punching output approximately 1800 - 2000 cycles per hour.
  • Maximum punching width 340 mm.
  • Automatic or manual operation (with footswitch).
  • Fast, trouble-free die change (less than 2 min).
  • Vertical paper loading for most accurate punching.
  • Electrically adjustable paper guide.
  • Removable paper holder for un-punched paper.
  • Adjustable paper output tray with front unloading of punched paper.
  • Punching pins of the tools can be individually selected.
  • Adjustable margin distance of the tools.
  • Technical data: Length: 34.7", Width: 25.2", Height: 15", Weight: 117 lbs.
  • Maximum punching width: 13.4" [34 cm]
  • Motor: 110V / 60 Hz [230 V / 50-60 Hz] 300W

RENZ DTPA with one die, $ 6,365.00
Additional dies, $ 715.00 to $ 1,550.00
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DTPA auto punch



RENZ P500 punch:

Electric Universal Tabletop Punch Machine with interchangeable punching dies.

Heavy duty components set this machine apart from any other tabletop punching machine. Very powerful motor has the power for the most difficult jobs. Use either 20" or 14" heavy duty dies.

  • Punching width: up to 20" [500 mm].

  • Maximum punching thickness .100"-.120" [2.5 -3.0 mm] (up to .180" [4.5 mm] with AP 360 dies).

  • Fast setup with punching dies that have individually selectable punching pins.

  • Extremely fast interchangeable punching dies.

  • Two-piece punching dies with thumb cut.

  • Measurements: 29.3" x 19.7" x 18.9", Weight: 330 lb.

  • Motor: 230/400 V, 60 Hz [50 Hz], 3 phase, 0.75 kilowatts

  • Option: Machine stand for the improvement of work flow and increased performance, with desktops left and right, complete length incl. punch 1700 x 650 mm.

RENZ P500,  Approx. $ 7,761.00 each, dies additional.
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P 500 electric punch

RENZ S700 and S900 punch:

Heavy-duty machine with drive system rated for continuous punching and perforating of paper, cardboard, and plastics up to 27.5" (70cm) on the Super 700 or 35.5" (90cm) on the Super 900.

  • Comfortable operation by footswitch either sitting or standing.

  • The horizontal paper insertion guarantees punching accuracy on large paper formats.

  • Rear table for grooving or tear-off perforation anywhere on the sheet.

  • Open-ended design of the machine allows double length punching.

  • Maximum punching thickness with Super 700 and 900 dies is 0.177" (4.5mm).

  • Changing dies is quick and easy .

  • The proven design of the Super 700 and Super 900 guarantees long life span.

Beside the extremely high punching capacity, another big advantage of the Super 700 and Super 900 is the ability to use punching dies from other manufacturers by changing the mounting adapter.

RENZ S700,  Approx. $ 13,000.00 each, dies additional.
RENZ S900, call for pricing
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RENZ SPB 360 Comfort or Manual Punch for Plastic Spiral:

An economical solution for the production of coil bound books in small quantities.

Selectable pins at 8.5" and 11".  Punches up to 20 sheets of bond paper per stroke.  .2475 oval hole pattern.  Maximum bind length: 14" open ended.  Suitable for spiral up to 25mm diameter.


RENZ SPB 360 Comfort, $ 3,600.00
RENZ SPB 360 Manual Punch, $ 819.00
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SPB 360 manual.

SPB 360 Comfort.

Service Calls, Training & Warranties:

Yearly Service Contract: Call for information.  At SGM dock.
Individual Service Calls: Minimum $ 95.00 evaluation fee.   Evaluation fee applied to repair.
$ 75.00 per hour billing rate plus material.
Training: $95.00 per hour, minimum of 1 hour.
Warranties: 90 days on defective workmanship.  Customer is responsible for transportation.
Loaner machines available at additional cost.
Call for more information.

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