For best results when printing and pre-folding sigs for perfect or mechanical binding please make sure sigs are:

SGM defaults:

  • Sigs should be folded uniform in size, unless otherwise stated in quote.
  • Sigs should be folded with perfs.
  • For maximum signature strength, final fold perfs should allow air to blow out and yet not tear apart on gathering line.  Test this by pulling on the outside pages of sig.  If the outside pages pull off, the perfs are either to close or to large and will not collate automatically.
  • Have sig markers printed on spine fold.  (See pictures below) 
  • Oblong mechanical bound books should always have the final fold on the long dimension unless otherwise stated in quote.  This allows all of our collators to pull the signature.
  • Have equal head/foot trims on folds.  (This lets the binder glue the center portion of the sig)
  • Sig size should be book size plus:
        1/8" Grind off
        1/8" Head trim
        1/8" Foot trim
        1/8" Face trim
  • Remember covers for perfect binding should have 1/8" head and foot traps longer than the final folded sig size.
  • Please note sigs that are pre-folded with the wrong perf or incorrectly may burst on our gathering lines.  Up-charges will be involved.
  • When folding a parallel 32 page sig please use 12 teeth perf knife (10mm blade, 6mm gap).  Too fine of a perf will burst on our binder.  Additional charge may apply.

Sig Layouts preferred by SGM:

8 page
12 page
16 page
24 page
32 page
Blank Layout Grid

 Sig markers. Sig markers.


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